Nose Polyps Herbal Remedies That Are Effective

Nose polyps are safe growths within your sinus cavities. Chronic inflammation caused due to sinusitis, allergy and asthma can lead to nasal polyps. The good news is that there are many effective natural treatment for nasal polyps.

If the growths become large in proportions you have breathing difficulty.

Symptoms of nasal polyps include headaches, post nose drip, snoring, stuffy nasal area, difficulty in deep breathing etc.

Fortunately there are a few herbs that normally treat nasal polyps without needing expensive medicines. It will always be good to consult your doctor before you begin herbal treatment.

For severe situations of nose polyps you should take proper treatment and not test out herbs.

Different herbal products work in various ways. Some herbs are good for reducing the inflammation in the nasal cavities and sinuses.

Certain natural herbs are best for clearing microbial infection if your polyps have been caused due to any infection.

You need to seek advice from an herbalist for dosage details and exactly how to prepare the herbal remedy.

Xanthium is an East Asian plant that is used a great deal for sinus, nasal congestion and nose polyps. The dried bur is utilized for treatment purpose.


According to Chinese expert herbalist it can help to clear mucus and dampness in the nasal cavities. Proper use of this herb can assist in shrinking nose polyps.

Those who find themselves allergic to plants and diabetics should not use this herb.

A potent herb of North America is named goldseal. For a long period this herb has been used to treat diarrhea and bleeding.

This herb has excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Best method to use is by boiling a tea with this herb and inhaling the steam. This can help in clearing any infection and decrease the swelling.

Pregnant women shouldn't utilize this herb.

Another great herb for treating sinus polyps is red chili pepper or capsicum.

It has the capacity to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling.

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the herb make it highly effective.


This herb must be diluted sufficiently otherwise could cause irritation.

In one research a nasal aerosol created by using red chili pepper helped in shrinking nasal polyps in severe cases and the patients could breathe properly.

Try a few of these herbal remedies and find out if one can be rid of nasal polyps.